The 'tough-as-nails' PREMIER SERIES was designed for today's high speed/high performance equipment. Available in 3 weights, the PREMIER SERIES offers great flight, great penetration and large wound channel to make sure you hit your target and bring your trophy home.




bulletCut-On-Impact, high carbon steel Power PointTM  for added strength and maximum penetration. 
bulletSuper strong, .030 Stainless steel blades. 
bulletPatented self-centering stainless steel 'Blade Lock' collar aligns head to shaft as you tighten broadhead for greater accuracy. 
bulletThree weights to choose from; 75 Grain with 1 1/8" Cutting diameter. 100 Grain with 1 3/16" Cutting diameter. 125 Grain with 1 " Cutting diameter. 
75 Grain 3 pack   $17.50 

100 Grain 6 pack  $29.99 

100 Grain 3 pack  $17.50 

125 Grain 6 pack  $29.99 


The "Assassin"


Assassin 85 Gr.  *  Assassin 100 Gr.

They fly like field points but hidden away are razor sharp, lethal blades that, at impact, open to cut a devastating channel for a humane kill. For maximum accuracy with trophy size results, ROCKY MOUNTAIN 'EXPANDABLE BROADHEADS'

bulletThree replaceable .030" razor sharp stainless steel blades, heat treated for added strength.
bullet Cut-On-Impact, 'POWER POINT for maximum penetration.
bullet5/8" closed/in-flight diameter for 'field point' accuracy.
bulletExpands to a full 1 " Cutting diameter for quick, clean kills.
bulletBlades open and rest on patented, stainless steel collar for strength and perfect broadhead alignment.
bulletComes pre - assembled for easy set-up.
bullet3 blade, 100 grains 1 " cutting diameter. 

85 Grain 3 pack   $24.99 



100 Grain 3 pack   $25.75 


*With 'Slide On' Blade Cartridge - no Set Screws


The most advanced design yet for the cutting position. This advanced design allows the cutting edges to face outward when closed so they begin cutting on impact even as the blades are moving into their open position. This not only guarantees a large entrance hole for easier tracking but also eliminates the deflection or 'kick out' of an angled hit.


bullet Comes assembled with One Piece 'Slide On' Replacement Blade Cartridge System. ( No Set Screws)
bullet Now available with solid Titanium body for unmatched strength or standard aluminum body.
bullet 100 grain - 3 Blade opens on impact for guaranteed entrance hole.
bullet 5/8" Closed cutting diameter - 1 3/8" Expanded Cutting diameter.
bullet Cut on Impact, Tri-Cut Tip is pre aligned for maximum penetration. .030" thick Stainless steel Blades.
bullet Self-centering Collar System


100 Grain 3 pack   $24.99 


Ironhead XP

* Comes Pre-Assembled.
* One piece solid Stainless Steel body.
* Traditional Razor Insert, Cut-On-Impact Tip opposite two main blades.
* .030" thick Stainless Steel blades
* 5/8" closed cutting dia. 1 1/8" expanded cutting dia.
* Available in 100 grains.



* Just screw it in and you're ready to hunt
* Incredibly durable body for repeated use that won't rust.
* Increases penetration and opens up an oval shaped wound channel.
* Increases strength and durability.
* Field point accuracy with low profile cutting dia. for increased penetration through bone
* Our most durable and best penetrating lightweight, Jack Knife style expandable.


100 Grain 3 pack   $25.99 


Super tough, two blade expandable broadhead with Cam Action Blade System. This is one hard hitting head that features a blade insert tip that cuts on impact. Flies like a field point, penetrates with power.

Snyper 100 Gr.

bullet 100 Grain - 2-Blade Open-On-Impact design 
bullet Comes assembled with rearward sliding/expanding blades that eliminate deflection on angled hits 
bullet Traditional Cut-On-Impact Tip for maximum penetration 
bullet .035" thick, stainless steel Blades  
bullet 5/8" closed, 1 3/8" expanded cutting dia. 
bullet Guaranteed entrance hole 



Titanium Series

The 'FIRST' TITANIUM Broadhead may be the 'LAST' Broadhead you ever 'have' to buy.


Titanium alloy made the space program possible due to its tremendous strength to weight properties. It is a precious alloy over 10 times stronger than aluminum and less than half the weight of steel. Titanium is expensive to buy and time consuming to machine but the

Rocky Mountain 'Ti-Line' is probably the best buy in archery today. Just take a look at the on going saga of Owner Bruce Barrie. Bruce has taken an incredible 9 big game animals with the same Ti-100! Change out the stainless steel blades and keep on shooting.

The 'Ti-Line', with its space age metal ferrule, stainless steel blades and advanced design will give you one incredible head that we feel confident will out shoot, out perform and out penetrate any broadhead you have ever shot before.



bullet One-Piece ferrule/tip is machined from solid Titanium.
bullet Blades lock in place behind razor sharp, bone smashing, Cut-On-Impact Tip.
bullet Patented, self-centering stainless steel, 'Blade Lock' Collar aligns head to shaft as you tighten. Broadhead.
bullet 'UNICUT'tm Body aligns razor sharp, vented 030" stainless steel blades with cutting edges of tip for continuous cutting edge.


3-Blade - Two weights to choose from:


100 grains/ 1 1/8" cutting diameter  3 pack   $32.99 


125 grains/ 1 3/16" cutting diameter 3 pack   $32.99 




100 Grain 3 pack  $14.50 

125 Grain 3 pack  $14.50 


'100'  & '125'

When we put a wicked, flesh exploding Tri-Cut Tip on the front of 3 surgically sharpened, stainless steel blades we made one trophy dropping broadhead.

bullet Now available in 100 & 125 Grain  models
bullet Cut-on-Impact tip, pre-aligned with blades for maximum penetration
bullet 3 - .030" thick, stainless steel blades
bullet 1 1/8" cutting dia.
bullet Self -centering, stainless steel collar system




100 Grain 3 pack   $32.99 


3 - Blade Broadhead.

The "IRONHEAD 100". Three-blade performance at it's best.

bullet 100 Grains
bullet One Piece Stainless Steel Body
bullet 3 - .030" Stainless Steel Blades
bullet Stainless Steel Razor Tip
bullet 1" Cutting Dia.
bullet Awesome Penetration

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