Golden Premier- The best Micro-Drive Arrow Rest made now made better! Still has the performance and proven reliability that archers around the world have come to expect, plus two major improvements! The Launcher Spring has 12 adjustment locations with increment gauge for Ultra Fine settings. In addition, the Golden Premier now has a built in 'TUNING GAUGE' that shows you when something is causing poor arrow flight and erratic groups

Right Handed  $75.99  

Left Handed    $75.99 


Platinum Premier- Offers a sophisticated Dual Bearing System and all-metal housing with precision vertical and horizontal drive. This Rest also features a Pitch Adjustment for exacting Launcher height. Included with every package are 5 Launcher Angles to fit every archers shooting preference.


Right Handed  $95.99  

Left Handed     $95.99  


SuperStar  Premier- A more sophisticated version of our popular STARHUNTER Rest designed for the 3D Shooter. Features the same vertical/horizontal, deluxe Micro-Drive found in the GOLDEN PREMIER. With light, medium and heavy Launchers for easier tuning.

Right Handed $85.99 

Left Handed     $85.99  

TM Hunter-Basic- One of our most popular Arrow Rests now features torsion spring for easier spring tension setting and adjusting, composite bearing for 'lube' and 'play-free' service. May be used with fingers or release. The TM HUNTER is engineered for maximum durability and dependability in the field or at the range. Made with stainless steel pins. 

Right Handed  $14.99 


Optional arms for Carbon arrows, Teflon tip coves, or solid "No-Noise" launchers available on Silencers Page. Click to go there.


Star Hunter- Another popular, quality 3D and hunting Rest, the STAR HUNTER features include an adjustable Side Plate and Double Block Mounting System for easier tuning. 

Works Great on bows that do not have a cut out riser.

Right Handed  $20.99

Left Handed    $20.99


HuntMaster 2000- Since 1980 this Rest has set the standards. Features a built-in arrow carrying feature eliminating the need for an arrow holder. No cocking required. Includes shrink tubing for a quiet draw. 

Works Great on bows that do not have a cut out riser.

Right Handed  $24.99 

Left Handed     $24.99  


Hunter Supreme- America's most popular hunting Rest features an improved plastic Launcher for exact arrow positioning and stress reinforcement.

Works Great on bows that do not have a cut out riser.

Universal    $14.99  


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